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Our mission:

Transforming Inventive Ideas into Innovative Products™.

We help you take your ideas and inventions to the next level such as to commercialize new products, penetrate the right markets, form the right partnerships or license your technology at the right terms.
All you expect from a biotech, plastics and chemicals consulting firm.
And more.

  • We analyze the potential for your technology – “Inventive Ideas”

  • We develop your company strategy – technology, product, business

  • We help you execute your business strategy

  • We raise capital for your business

  • We help you develop your technologies

  • We help you scale manufacturing

  • We introduce your “Innovative Products”

  • We coach you and your employees to perform like a world class team

Interim Management

Ready to perform

As a full service consulting firm, we also offer interim management services – based on 30 years of experience. We are ready to take your company to the next level, with all the skills and commitment needed to lead teams and to deliver results.

i2i’s founder and principal Anindya has acted as an Interim CEO at two start-ups in the past and helped them raise USD 2 million in capital. Prior to starting his consulting practice Anindya was the Managing Director at Direvo Industrial Biotechnology and General Manager at DSM Thortan.

Vast Industry Network

The right people at the right time

During the 20+ years of corporate experience and 8+ years of consulting i2i has established a vast global industry network in every relevant business area, from prospective customers and partners, venture capitalists to scaling production.

When we need additional expertise and manpower, such as in scientific research or market research, we have access to a broad range of best-in-class i2i-minded service providers with proven track records.

How we work:

i2i Growth Initiative Process

Our 3 step process to unleash the full business and growth potential for your ideas.

Your Inventions

» Patents, IP, Know-How

» Product ideas

» Technologies

Our Growth Initiative Process

1. Discovery
Review current status, identify strengths, analyze (global) markets, competition and value chain; identify resource needs; identify possible or potential business models.

2. Strategy
Quantify your growth potential and develop a Growth Plan, covering technology / products, partnerships, marketing & sales, capital needs and more

3. Execution
Execute on the Growth Plan by developing the right products, forming the right partnerships, raising capital, scaling production, introducing your products…, to maximize results

Your Success

» Innovative Products
» Reliable Partnerships
» Satisfactory Financing
» Sustainable Growth
» Increased Profits
» Improved Valuations
» Attractive Exits

It’s a proven Process

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